US Ambassador meets with Members of Slovak Government

June 5th, 2020, BRATISLAVA — US Ambassador Bridget Brink met with former Slovak prime minister Peter Pellegrini, Gabor Grendel and Ivan Korcok. After the meetings, the Ambassador reaffirmed the discussion between the members of the Slovak Government, stating, “Very positive first meeting with Deputy Speaker Gabor Grendel where we discussed our shared priority to strengthen the Transatlantic bond and deepen U.S. cooperation on anti-corruption and rule of law… [it was] great to meet Peter Pellegrini in his new role as Deputy Speaker. I thanked him for our cooperation while he was Prime Minister and we discussed our shared commitment to democracy, security and mutual prosperity. Looking forward to continuing to work together to advance partnership…[it was also] great to see Ivan Korcok again as Foreign Minister. Appreciated our open and direct conversation about ways to deepen the partnership based on our shared values and interests.”