Passport Amendments and Name Changes

U.S. passports can no longer be amended to change or correct critical data, such as names, birth dates, or expiration dates. You will need to apply for a replacement passport.

For CRBA and first-time passport applications, the name of the applicant should match their birth document(s). Material changes to the applicant’s name must be supported by an amended document or other name change evidence. An affidavit from the parents is not sufficient to establish a material name change. In general, there are only exceptions when obtaining an amended birth certificate would present substantial hardship, or if a local vital records offices will not amend a birth certificate. Please contact with questions.

Replacement passports can be issued at no charge in certain circumstances.

For delivery of  your passport/visa/ by mail, please bring

One envelope for insured letter (Obalka na EASY EXPRES 1 )  A4 size – available at post offices