More than Thirty Towns in Eight Months

We’re pleased to announce the Ambassador’s new travel map!  Ambassador Sterling makes traveling around Slovakia to visit new regions and towns a high priority, and he has already managed to see over 30 towns and municipalities in the eight months he has lived in Slovakia.  Now you can follow him on his new travel map, which shows where he has visited and includes photos of what he did in each place.

The Ambassador has commented that many people ask him “How do you like Slovakia?” He responds, “I love it! And thanks to suggestions from our Facebook fans, I’ve discovered beautiful places all over the country. Pavol Tomasovsky recommended that I see Banska Bystrica Region and the nature there. In each of my four trips to the city of Banska Bystrica, I have enjoyed walking across the charming SNP square.  And at wonderful kolibas in the region, I have enjoyed tasting the traditional Slovak halušky. Even though I’ve already traveled to the East and visited Prešov and Košice Regions several times as well, I’m still planning to explore it more this summer and to take Slavo Novotny’s advice to see the Andy Warhol Museum in Medzilaborce.”

We hope you’ll keep the suggestions coming on our Facebook page, and maybe Ambassador Sterling will even visit one of the sites with you!