New Special ‘Dejiny’ Podcast Series – The Silent Majority and Accepting Responsibility for the Holocaust

[Podcast only available in the Slovak language]

Listen to the latest podcast of the SME History special (SME Dejiny Špeciál) with Jaro Valent from the Historical Review (Historická revue) and guest Ivan Kamenec.  In this final chapter, you will learn about the Holocaust and the atrocities committed before the concentration camps were discovered.  When Allied soldiers liberated camps such as Dachau, Mathausen and Bergen-Belsen in the spring of 1945, a chilling experience awaited them.  What was the result caused when Germany’s “final solution” was revealed? What was the resulting wider impact on European public opinion?  To what extent has justice been served after the war, and is that enough?

You can listen to the new podcast here: