National Park´s Week

This April, in honor of Earth Day and National Park´s Week, we invite you to discover the beautiful and diverse public parks in the United States. We will share inspiration and information to help you plan your trip.

What better way to experience nature in the US than camping? If you’re new to camping, check out 10 tips for beginner campers at to help you get ready.

Located in Arizona, Grand Canyon National Park encompasses 446 km of the Colorado River. The huge Grand Canyon is 1.6 km deep and 29 km wide. Layered strips of colored stone reveal millions of years of geological history with unrivaled views from the edge of the canyon.

Inyo National Park stretches along the border between California and Nevada and is a land of superlatives – high mountains, old trees, Lake Mono and iconic views with a variety of recreational opportunities.

In the Grand Teton National Park, which rises above a scene rich in wilderness, pristine lakes and alpine terrain, you can explore more than two hundred miles of footpaths, navigate the Snake River and enjoy the peace of this remarkable place.

The largest national park in the United States is Wrangell St. National Park and Preserve. Elias in Alaska, which covers an area of ​​13.2 million acres. It is also part of one of the largest protected areas in the world, recognized by the UN as a World Heritage Site.

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