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Pianos Americanos

Woks: Samuel Barber, Leonard Bernstein, Manuel Ponce, Carlos Guastavin, Astor Piazzolla a Kevin Olson. Interprets: Daniel Buranovský, Jordana Palovičová, Ladislav Patkoló, Jakub Čižmarovič, Zuzana Vontorčíková, Peter Nágel, Ivana Chrapková, Klára Varsamisová, Kristína Smetanová a Júlia Novosedlíková.

Global Education Conference: Kaleidoscope

The world is diverse and changeable. Whatever angle we look at, it is always different and we never have the same perspective. Come to listen to speakers from the international and domestic context talking difficult topics. Topics which might get even more difficult if left unattended.

My life in the gang

My life in the gang – discussion with former members. Come to a discussion with Sammy Rangel, who was a teenage tough recidivist and with Staszek Czerzak, a former football hooligan member. Both managed to break free from the violent environment and today work with youth threatened by radicalization. Sammy has been a social worker ...