Payment Terms

The Government does not make advance payments – payment is made exclusively after receipt of the goods/services.

Payment is made in local currency, i.e. Euro or in U.S. Dollars by Electronic Funds Transfer (ETF).

By U.S. law, the Embassy makes payment within 30 days from receipt of a proper invoice.

Invoicing Instructions to the Vendors

In order to process payments more efficiently, we ask you to conform to the billing instructions provided below.

All invoices must be in the currency denoted on the order/contract document.

Invoices must contain the following information:

  1. Issuance date
  2. The full name and address of the vendor
  3. A contact name and telephone number
  4. The currency denoted on the order/contract document
  5. The invoice must reference the Purchase Order number, Blanket Purchase Agreement Call Number or Contract number if the goods/services were procured through one of the above purchasing documents. The numbers look similar to the following sample – “19L01022P0004”.
  6. Prior to performing any services or delivering any products, ensure that you have received an awarded procurement document (e.g. Purchase Order, Delivery Order, etc.) dully signed by the Embassy General Services Office (GSO) Contracting Officer. The Embassy cannot pay for goods and services unless you have proof that it was ordered. Once you have received this document, and only then, your company is authorized to perform the services or deliver your product. Be sure to adhere to the quantity and dollar amounts stipulated in the procurement document. Contractor is NOT authorized to exceed these figures. If during performance or delivery you are requested by a USG representative to exceed the delivery quantity or perform in excess of the dollar amount, please refuse to do so and ask such USG representative to contact the GSO Contracting Officer to address the issue.
  7. Invoices which do not conform to the above will be returned to the vendor within 7 (calendar) days of receipt by the Embassy for correction without any liability to the U.S. Government.

Submittal of invoices

Local and Non U.S. companies – shall submit invoices to this email address:
Or sent via mail to:

US Embassy/B&F Office
Hviezdoslavovo nam. 4
811 02 Bratislava

U.S. companies – shall mail invoices to this address:

PO BOX 150008
CHARLESTON, SC 29405-5008

Payment: All proper invoices will be released to the banking system for payment within 30 days from receipt of a proper invoice in accordance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation Subpart 32.9.