General Information

The U.S. Embassy in Bratislava, Slovakia promotes open competition through its procurement process. The competitive process is usually based on a combination of the following factors: financial condition of the vendor, product quality and value, competitive pricing, product availability, and business experience etc. These factors will have varying importance in any particular procurement.

The procurement Section of the U. S. Embassy is the only office authorized to place orders for goods and services on behalf of the U. S. Government. All orders from other persons are considered unauthorized and private, and the Government accepts no responsibility for paying those orders.

The Embassy is required to provide vendors with a copy of the Purchase Order form OF-348 (PDF) or contract signed by a Contracting Officer for all orders valued above the equivalent of USD $500.00. The Purchase Order/Contract is the order, and vendors should not attempt to deliver goods/services prior to receiving one of these documents. The Government has no obligation to receive or pay for any goods/services without a valid contract.

Business Ethics

The U.S. Embassy’s procurement activities must be conducted in a manner above reproach, with complete impartiality and with no preferential treatment. U. S. Embassy staff shall not solicit nor accept, directly or indirectly, any gratuity, gift, favor, entertainment, loan or anything of monetary value from anyone who (a) has or is seeking to obtain U. S. Embassy business, and/or (b) has interests that may be substantially affected by procurement awards.

U.S. Embassy suppliers/service providers and their employees are expected to abide by the highest ethical, legal, and moral standards in all business relationships. As such, we ask that vendors respect U.S. Embassy policy and refrain from placing our employees in an ethical dilemma by offering inappropriate entertainment, hospitality, or gifts.