Small Grants Program


Call for Proposals is now: CLOSED

Deadline: December 31, 2016

The U.S. Embassy’s Public Affairs Section (PAS) is pleased to announce that funding is available through the embassy’s Small Grants Program for awards up to $10,000. Proposals for amounts exceeding $10,000 will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Small grants are intended for local representatives of civil society, including non-governmental organizations and universities. They support projects to:

  • Increase Slovakia’s engagement in global peace and stability
  • Strengthen the rule of law, government accountability, and anti-corruption efforts
  • Strengthen independent media and journalism and counter disinformation
  • Promote economic prosperity and energy security
  • Promote human rights, support marginalized groups and foster a culture of integration
  • Promote American art and culture, or support English language learning in Slovakia

The U.S. Embassy Bratislava Public Affairs Section encourages applications from committed and organized civil-society organizations, think tanks, non-governmental organizations, and academic institutions. We seek proposals for geographically and demographically diverse audiences within Slovakia.

Proposals should be submitted via the online grant application (see below), include a written narrative in English, and follow these guidelines:

  • Name of the organization, address, phone number, e-mail, website address, name and title of director (or person who is to sign the grant) and project coordinators, particularly those who will be involved in the project and budget specifics.
  • Title of Project and Description.The proposal should contain sufficient information so that anyone not familiar with the project would understand exactly what the applicant wants to do and what the project components are. Please do not exceed one page.
  • Project Objectives.Please provide clear objectives for what your project will achieve. What are the expected results and how they will be measured? Why do they matter?
  • Who is your target audience?Please provide numbers, age ranges, gender, geographic location, and other information to help us understand who will benefit from the proposed project.
  • Project Justification.What are the unique merits of the project? What difference does it make for Slovak understanding and knowledge of U.S. culture and society? Please do not exceed one page.
  • Proposed dates and venues.Please include precise dates and locations of performances or events planned. Maximum project duration should not exceed 12 months.
  • Detailed Budget.The applicant should prepare a line-by-line list of expenses that will be generated by this project. The budget should be prepared in a logical manner and offer enough detail that a reviewer will be able to understand exactly what the figures mean and how they were determined. Please indicate in separate columns which costs would be covered by the U.S. government, and which would be cost-shared.

Budgets must be calculated in U.S. dollars. Please note that the Fly America Act requires that anyone whose air travel is financed by U.S. Government funds to utilize the economy class services of a U.S. flag carrier.

The Public Affairs Section will also support inviting U.S. experts to Slovakia. Such proposals may include the name of a speaker or request a speaker with a description of desired expertise. The travel costs may include economy class airfare, stipend for meals, honorarium of maximum of $250 per day and local transportation. The application should offer a proposed schedule for the expert for each day. If participation in a conference is expected please provide its description (organizer, topics, goals and objectives, audience, other expected speakers and participants).

Please also note that PAS grants may NOT be used to fund partisan political activity; trade activities; fundraising campaigns; commercial projects; scientific research; construction projects; projects whose primary aim is the institutional development of the organization itself; or representational expenses (food, alcoholic beverages, etc.).

IMPORTANT: Organizations applying for assistance awards must obtain a Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) DUNS number prior to being eligible to receive an award: For details go to:

Obtaining a DUNS number in support of submitting a grant proposal to the USG is to be at no cost to the applicant.

Note: Awards to individuals are exempt from DUNS requirements. All grantee organizations must also have non-profit status.

Please complete the Embassy’s application form (DOC, 795 KB)and an SF-424: Application for Federal Assistance (PDF, 204 KB), then send these documents in electronic format to

We will notify you upon receiving your application.

Grant proposals should include all of the information requested in the application guidelines. Proposals will not be considered until all information is received in electronic form. Proposals must be in English or accompanied by an English translation. Supporting documents may be in Slovak.

Questions should be addressed to

Successful applicants will receive official written notification and detailed information on further administrative procedures to finalize grant awards. Grant awards are contingent upon availability of U.S. Government funding and signing of official grant documents.