CIPC and U.S. Embassy Joint Press Release on Visit by U.S. Special Advisor for Children’s Issues

On December 7th and 8th the U.S State Department’s Special Advisor for Children’s Issues, Ambassador Susan Jacobs, visited Slovakia to discuss intercountry adoptions between the United States and Slovakia with Slovak government officials.

She met with Andrea Cisarova, the director of Slovakia’s Central Authority for adoptions under the Hague Convention (CIPC), as well as with representatives from the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Family, the Ministry of Justice, and the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs.

Ambassador Jacobs and Director Cisarova engaged in productive discussions about U.S.-Slovak cooperation on intercountry adoptions under the Hague Convention and underscored our mutual interest in working together to promote intercountry adoptions for eligible children when domestic adoption in Slovakia has been given due consideration.

Both countries’ Central Authorities (in Slovakia, the Center for the International Legal Protection of Children and Youth and in United States, the State Department’s Office of Children’s Issues) will continue to work closely together, with the shared goal of commencing adoptions under the Hague Convention.