Ambassador´s Brink´s Farewell Address

“It’s hard to believe three years have gone by so quickly.  As I prepare to leave Slovakia, I am proud and honored to look back at all we have accomplished together.  Our bond as partners, friends, and NATO Allies has never been stronger.

Our militaries are working together like never before to make Slovakia and NATO more secure.

We are united in common purpose to support Slovakia as it supports Ukraine and those who have fled Putin’s war of choice.

We are also taking concrete steps to address disinformation, recognizing this is a common problem that requires joint solutions.

Our law enforcement communities are building local capacity to fight corruption and uphold the rule of law.

Our civil society and business sectors and NGOs continue to collaborate on protecting the most vulnerable, defending human rights, and promoting media freedom.  I was especially proud to see Secretary of State Blinken honor Whirlpool Slovakia in Poprad for its inclusive hiring and training programs which are a model for the region.

Together we are promoting innovation and investment in both countries in new ways and with impressive results. The flying car I saw in Nitra and the next generation of virtual communication in Kosice are just some examples of where our cooperation can and will go.

As I end my time here, I have three hopes for Slovakia – that you will continue to still further strengthen your position in the West, that Slovaks will unite against the pervasive spread of disinformation, and that you will protect the incredible great natural wonders Slovakia has to offer.

As I said when I arrived in 2019, I looked forward to meeting Slovaks from all across the country, from Skalica to Snina and everywhere in between.  I’ve been lucky to do so, in my official and unofficial travels across your beautiful country.

Slovakia matters.  Its success matters.  Its future matters.  And down the road, even when I’m not here, Slovakia will always matter to me. Thank you for being such wonderful hosts to me and my family. Slovakia will always have a piece of our hearts.

Ja aj celá moja rodina Vám ďakujeme”

From my family to yours – thank you

Ambassador Bridget Brink

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