Ambassador Bridget Brink’s visit to the Slovak – Ukrainian border

“In the middle of the heartbreaking scene of Ukrainian women and children crossing the border with Slovakia, it is amazing to see first-hand the professional work of Slovaks and everything they do to welcome people fleeing the war. Today, I visited the border support team of our embassy, ​​which cooperates with the Slovak border services, police and army, to ensure the safe passage of all those fleeing to save their lives. The United States will continue to provide support and assistance to the Ukrainian people and will work closely with our ally, Slovakia, to help a neighbor in response to this unprovoked and unjustified attack by Russia. As we all stand behind Ukraine, I have been closely monitoring the provision of direct humanitarian aid by Slovakia to Ukraine and the gas return capacity since 2014. Witnessing the aid and support that all Slovak troops offer to Ukraine causes humility and admiration. My heart is with every victim of this senseless war “

Ambassador Bridget Brink after today’s visit to Slovakia’s border with Ukraine