Ambassador Bridget Brink Visits Trnava And Sereď

Ambassador Bridget Brink visited the Sered Holocaust Museum on the site of a former concentration camp in western Slovakia and also visited the western Slovak city of Trnava.  Ambassador Brink commemorated slain investigative journalist Jan Kuciak and his fiancée Martina Kusnirova with a candle-lighting outside the young couple’s former home in Velka Maca. In Trnava, Ambassador Brink met with Mayor Peter Brocka, toured Trnava’s unique cultural/coworking hub “Courtyard” and held a discussion with secondary students at an after school early intervention program “Different Future.” As she promised listeners on Radio Trnava’s noon talk-show, Ambassador Brink finished the day by climbing 200 plus stairs to the top of Trnava’s Renaissance era city tower.